INYBI and INYBI Wave are suboccipital muscle inhibitors. The musculature of the neck is directly related to pain and tension in the neck, shoulders, jaw, etc. Their contracture affects the mobility of the neck and even the blood supply to the brain. It is closely related to headaches and stress. INYBI and INYBI WAVE mimic the manual technique used by health professionals to improve this area.

The use of INYBI or INYBI WAVE may only pose a risk in the case of herniated discs or where there are pathological changes to the vertebrae. If you use it on swollen, burned, infected or injured areas of skin or if you use it while sleeping. If you have any questions regarding usage, please consult the HOW TO USE tab on the website or contact us.

Yes, both INYBI and INYBI WAVE can be used without the supervision of a healthcare professional. In any case, before using the device, if there are symptoms or injuries that may be directly or indirectly related to the area of application of the device, it is strongly recommended that both the suitability of use and its settings are supervised by a healthcare professional. This helps to make the effect more positive.

We do not recommend using either INYBY or INYBY WAVE with any type of creams.

The INYBI and INYBI WAVE fingers can be cleaned with water or using a neutral soap.

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