The technique of inhibiting the suboccipital musculature on which INYBI is inspired is used for different pathologies.

Before using the device, if there are symptoms or injuries that may be directly or indirectly related to the area of application of the device, it is strongly recommended that both the suitability of use and its settings are supervised by a healthcare professional.


The design of INYBI and INYBI WAVE allows them to be adapted to your specific needs.


It is usable at three heights so that it can adapt to the characteristics of your neck.

  • INYBIadapts to the different shapes of the cervical spine. You can use the highest profile for spines with more pronounced curves and lower profiles for straighter spines.
  • These three heights have a specific inclination to achieve the optimum incidence of pressure in each case, thus ensuring its correct application and effectiveness.


INYBI and INYBI WAVE have three degrees of gentleness to adapt to the sensitivity of each user. The lightest coloured fingers provide the most softness while the darker ones are firmer.

The fingers also adapt perfectly to the physiognomy of the suboccipital area, allowing the coexistence of areas of higher pressure (+) with others of lower pressure (-), which allows sensitive structures such as the suboccipital nerves to be protected from any excessive pressure by moving it to the adjacent area.


Vibration allows us a more enjoyable tolerance to pressure.
You will be able to choose between three frequencies to provide you with the most comfort.
Vibration also multiplies the beneficial effects on the suboccipital muscles by promoting muscle relaxation and blood supply to tissues.

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